What medical equipment is available?

To see what equipment is available simply scroll through this list, select from the links above to get to the general area or search using your browser's find (ctrl - f) function. Enter the item you are looking for. They are listed in order of type of equipment. The availability is noted to the right of each item. If it is noted as "ready " we have plenty and you don't need to be concerned about whether we have it. If it is noted as "limited" please check with us for availability prior to coming down.

Equipment in alphabetical order

Item Availability
Bedding Supplies:
Air cushions ready
Abduction pillows limited
Air Flow mattresses limited
Alternating air mattresses limited
Bed rakes limited
Bath supplies:
Bath chair with back ready
Bath chair without back ready
Bath transfer bench ready
Bath chair (Guardian /Child) limited
Bath mat
Bath sponge brush
Bathroom products:
Bath tub safety hand bars ready
Bed pads (disposable / washable) limited
Backboards (small) limited
Button and zipper aid limited
Colostomy Supplies:
(Hollister products)
New Image floating flange and tape limited
New Image Colostomy/Ileostomy kit limited
Skin barrier 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 in. Center point lock
Sin barrier with tapes 2 ¼ in. limited
Skin barrier 1 3/8 to 2 ¼ in. limited
Skin barrier 1 ½ to 2 ¼ in limited
Skin barrier 1 ¾ to 2 ¼ in. limited
New Image Sin barrier 1 ¾ in. limited
Soft Flex skin barrier rings 1 9/16 in limited
Soft Flex Skin barrier rings 1 3/16 in. limited
Kendall Mona flow bag (Exp. 2014)
Skin preps for colostomy care limited
Stoma adhesive protective powder limited Center point lock drainable pouches 1 ¾ in. limited
Aloe Vera skin conditioner limited
Hollister clear colostomy pouches 4 in. limited
New Image 1 ¾ in filter, clamp, pouch limited
New Image 2 ¼ filter, clamp, pouch limited
New Image 1 1/8 to 2 ¼ in. Skin barrier floating flange and tape limited
Hollister Universal removal wipe limited
Colostomy disposal bags
(Convatec Products)
Skin barrier 1 ½ in. limited
Drainable pouch 1 ¼ in. limited
Adapt paste limited
Adapt lubricating deodorant limited
Adapt barrier stick limited
Convatec colostomy skin barrier 1 ¾ in. limited
Cervox (mechanical voice box) limited
Commodes Standard ready
Commodes Drop arm ready
Commodes Wide ready
Commodes Child limited
Commode Rifton (special need child)
__Miscellaneous supplies
Gel foam cushions limited
Donut heel cushion limited
Diabetic stockings for men limited
Double fleece 2 ply prostatic socks (Latex free)
Easy grip tubing for adapting eating utensils limited
Egg create cushion limited 18’’ by 24’’
Emergency call system limited
Electric massager limited
Exerciser for hand grip (spring/foam/ rubber band) limited
Exercise bike, stationary bike mount limited
Extremity pressure pump limited
Disposable incontinent products:
Depends under garment (Small, Medium Large) ready
Pull up undergarment (Small, Medium Large) ready
Belted undergarments (Small, Medium Large) ready
Adult diapers with tapes (Small, Medium Large) ready
Diaper liners ready
Chux ready
Vinyl gloves limited
Latex gloves limited
Feeding products:
Kangaroo feeding pump limited
Kangaroo 1000 ml pumps sets limited
Kendall Kangaroo proximal spike set limited
Eternal lite Infinity 1200 ml external pump delivery sets limited
Isosource 1.5 cal. limited (Exp. 7-13)
Boost nutritional drink (Exp. 12- 12)
Geri chairs:
Geri chair large limited
Geri chair standard limited
Geri chair (with / without lap tray) ready
Glucose products:
Glucose drink limited
Glucose tablets limited
Glucometers ready limited
Hospital Beds:
Three motor bed (rise head, foot, height)
Two motor bed (rise head, foot, height is manual crank)
Big boy hospital beds limited
Hospital bed rails (half and full) ready
Miscellaneous supplies cont.:
Bone growth stimulator (0L1000)
Restorators limited
Cryo- Cuff limited
Hand bar 12 in. suction mount limited
Hand bar stainless steel 24 in. limited
Hos. bed rails (full / half) ready
Hos. over bed tables limited
Hair washing stands limited
Heelbows (heel & elbow pads) limited
Fleece boots ready
Hospital gowns ready
Hair washing tray limited
Inflatable hand therapy aids limited
IV poles limited
Ice bag limited
Jodee bra 34 c and mastectomy pads limited
Jobst Medical support stockings limited
Jobst Large seemed garment knee high limited
Knee support limited
Lap boards ready
Mastectomy prosthesis limited
Mattress covers (vinyl) limited
Mouth swabs limited
Medication coolers limited
Medication boxes (weekly) limited
Medication boxes 7 day AM & PM limited
Medication box pill & insulin limited
Mulholland Position system gait trainer limited
Respiratory supplies:
Nebulizers ready
Nebulizer mouth pieces limited
CPAP limited
BI PAP limited
02 concentrator limited
E Z wrap (ear cushions) limited
O2 carts ready
O2 gauges ready
02 cylinder wrenches ready
4 ft. 02 tubing ready
7 ft. 02 tubing ready
15 in. 02 tubing limited
Christmas tree connectors ready
Inline 02 tubing connectors ready
Nasal Cannula 7 ft. ready
Nasal Cannula high flow 7 ft. ready
Nasal Cannula 4 ft. ready
Nasal cannula ready
02 Extension tubing 25 ft. ready
Whisper jet Nebulizer system limited
Humidifier ready
Peak flow meters limited
Aero chambers limited
Full nebulizer kit limited
Omron neb. Replacement kit limited
Elite Air nebulizer kit with mouthpiece limited
Aerosol mask and aerosol mist chamber limited
Micro mist nebulizer with tee tubing mouthpiece and reservoir limited
Ostomy Supplies:
Urostomy drain tube adapter limited
Hollister belts (ostomy) 26 -43 in. limited
Adapt (ostomy) belt limited
Self-catheters (Exp. 11-13) limited
Adapt stoma powder limited
Urostomy 2 in. barrier rings limited
Urinary closed drainage bags limited
Foley catheters 22 fr. 5cc ribbed balloon limited
Texas catheter limited
Urinary Leg bags limited
Convatec Urostomy pouches (Natural) limited
Hollister skin barrier tape with flex tend limited 1 ¾ in.
Hollister skin barrier tape with flextend 1 ½ to 2 ¼ in.
Hollister New Image ostomy pouches 1 ¾ in. limited
Urinary drainage bags combo pack limited
Urinary leg bags (plain) limited
Uro- stomy care Skin barrier floating flange and tape 1 ½ to 2 ¾ in Limited
Barrier cream clothes limited
Hollister New Image bag caps limited
Adapt barrier rings 2 in. limited
New Image closed pouch 2 ¼ in. limited
New Image uro-stomy bags 1 ¾ in. limited
New Image closed pouches 2 ½ in. limited
New Image skin barrier with floating flange and tape limited
New Image skin barrier with floating flange and tape 1 ¾ in. limited
Closed drainage bags 1 ¾ in. limited
Drainage bags disposable bags limited
Bard Latex Foley Tray & catheterization kits limited
Vinyl Foley drainage bag holder limited
Kendall Foley catheters limited
Kendall Ken guard Irrigation tray with piston syringe 60 cc irrigation syringes ready
Irrigation bottle limited
Patient Lifts:
Stair Lift 10 ft. limited
Hoyer lift 400-450 lbs. ready
Invacare lift 350lbs ready
Rifton Solo Lift limited
Guardian Lift 400lbs limited
Lift chairs limited
Patient aids:
Foot baths ready
Fracture pans ready
Foam pillows (large square) limited
Foam wedge (big & small) limited
Foam rectangle wedge limited
Gel form seats (wheelchair) ready
Bed pans ready
Emesis basin limited
Grabbers ready
IV poles ready
Wash basins limited
Reaching sticks
Transfer boards ready
Sock pulls ready
Graduates limited
Trapeze ready
Free standing trapeze limited
Toilet Arms limited
Toilet riser with arms limited
Toilet riser without arms limited
Bath tub bars limited
Miscellaneous items cont.:
Emergency callers limited
Oral suction pump limited
02 tubing/nasal cannula/water traps/mist cups ready
02 carts (round & square) limited
02 cylinder gauges limited
Pivot disk limited
Positioning boards limited
Pill cutter/crusher limited
Posey bed check systems limited
Posey chair check systems limited
Pulley exerciser limited
Quad canes ready
Quickie wheel chair tote bags limited
Rubber sheets ready
Rectangle wedge pillows limited
Reaching sticks (hook & grab style) ready
Saunders Cervical home traction unit limited
Sight & hearings aids:
Magnifying lighted lens limited
Magnifying reading glass limited
Telephone Amplifiers limited
Miscellaneous items cont.:
Massager limited
Neuro flashlight limited
Sippy cup limited
Electronic Blood Pressure cuff limited
Sphygmomanometers ready
Stethoscopes ready
Sock pulls ready
Sheep skin boots limited
Shoe horn (long) limited
Stump socks ready
Safety belts limited
Stump socks 8 in tops 6 in toe limited
Stand-ups (Adult / youth / child) limited
Seat (small tumble form seat) limited
Seizure bed rail pads limited
Small padded cylinders limited
Small wheelchair pouch limited
Spring exerciser limited
Shower chair with wheels limited
Safety bed rails (child) limited
Stroller/ car seat with suction/ventilator tray limited
Stroller/ car seat limited
Suction pumps limited
Suction catheter kits limited
Surgical stockings Precision support limited
TED stocking (Large) limited
TENS electrodes limited
Thermal Therapy paraffin bath unit limited
Thera-band cords limited
Thera band limited
Therapeutic infant shoes limited
Therapeutic putty limited
Transfer boards limited
Transfer sheets limited
Tracheostomy drapes limited
Tilt table youth limited
Toilet lid covers limited
Toilet arms limited
Toilet risers ready
Toilet risers with arms limited
Tumble form cylinders (Small & large) limited
Trapeze (bed mount/ free standing) ready
Universal head halter limited
Urinals ready
Utensils easy grip handles (adpt.) limited
Utensils easy grip handles (adpt.) spoon limited
Utensils easy grip handles (adpt.) peeler limited
Utensils easy grip handles (adpt.) wisk , limited
Utensils easy grip handles (adpt.) ice cream scoop and plate bumper limited
Velcro wheel chair utility bags limited
Vaporizer limited
Walking aids:
Gait belts ready
Walkers (collapsible) (childrens & adults) ready
Walkers (Non collapsible) limited
Walkers (collapsible crutchfield) limited
Walkers (half walkers) ready
Walkers with wheels (child & adult) ready
Hemi walkers ready
Walker pouches ready
Walker trays limited
Walker (basket, brakes and seat) limited
Wooden & Aluminum adjustable canes ready
Quad canes ready
Canadian crutches ready
Crutches Aluminum / wooden ready
Walking cast boots limited
Left flexible ankle /calf support limited
Ridge ankle support limited
Dual strut walker ROM boots limited
DeRoyal ankle contracture boot limited
Knee braces limited
Weights 10lbs. limited
Weight set 5 lbs. limited
Dumbbells limited
Wheelchairs Standard Adult ready
Wheelchairs child limited
Wheelchair Transfer limited
Wheel chair large limited
Wheelchair (non-collapsible) limited
Wheelchair (Solara Adaptive) limited
Wheelchair (non-collapsible) limited
Wheel chair (powered must have gift of $300.) limited
Walker collapsible ready
Walker non-collapsible limited
Walkers with seat, brakes (Relators) limited
Wheelchairs safety equipment:
Seat belts limited
Chest restraints limited
Walker baskets limited
Walker baskets liners limited
Walker pouches limited
Wrist support limited
Wheel exerciser limited
Wheelchair (head & neck rest) limited


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